Dec 03, 2011 - May 31, 2020


December 03, 2011 - May 31, 2020


Anyone who knows me, knows that my baby dog, my Brunie, Brunical, Brunie Babe, or just plain ol Bruno, was my little boy. He had the most personality that I had ever seen in a dog.... ever. He was my protector, and he knew to never leave my daughter Izzy's side from the minute I brought her home to when she would swing on her swings. He had an attitude like a teenager, the spunk of an old man, farts that could clear a room, and snoring that my neighbors could probably hear. He lived his life with the attitude of... "if you aint first, your last". He always had to be the first out the door and the first one in no matter who he ran over in the process. Anyone who has met him or has been to my house has for sure had a water bottle stolen right from their hands. Thats the kind of stuff that made Bruno such an awesome guy. He will b forever stuck in my heart, and i will miss giving his little butt spankies everyday when i get home. ❤🌈


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