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Remembrance Room


Our Services Include:

  • A pet loss specialist to help you plan how to best honor and memorialize your pet
  • Private Sanctuary and Remembrance Rooms to visit with your pet and receive your pet’s cremains
  • Pet friendly environment welcoming other four legged family members
  • Monthly pet loss support group
  • Grief materials to assist, you, your family, young children and other pets
  • Pre-Arrangement kits for advance preparations

When it’s time to say goodbye….

People always tell pet parents you will know when it’s time to say goodbye.  For many of us that day comes much sooner than we expect, and for those with older pets, we know it is an inevitable loss that will arrive far too quickly.  When that time comes, we’re  here to help you through your journey of memorializing your pet at that difficult time.

Rose Pet Memorial Center was created to provide a respectful and serene environment where pet parents can honor and memorialize their pets. We offer only private cremations, meaning only one animal is in the cremation chamber during the cremation process.  Your beloved pet will be treated in a respectful and dignified manner from the time they are picked up at your home or veterinary office, until they are returned to you.  If you prefer your pet not be cremated, we can assist you with burial arrangements too.

Rose Pet Memorial & Cremation Center understands the sadness associated with losing a beloved pet.  As members of The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance, we are dedicated to provide respectful and dignified treatment of those pets entrusted to us.

We invite you to visit our memorial center.  You can familiarize yourself with our facility and offerings prior to needing our services.   For some it is helpful to be able to see our center while their pet is alive, when you are not grieving from your loss, and you may find comfort in having your pet return to a place that is familiar to them and you visited together.

When the need arises, pick up of your pet from your home or veterinarian’s clinic is provided as part of our service. We will notify you when we have picked your pet up if it is not at your residence.  Your pet is never bagged or frozen, and is always treated in a respectful and dignified manner. Pick up is done with a pet casket bottom or pet bed with soft blankets. Your pet cremated in a private cremation, meaning they are the only one in the unit, and their ashes are returned to you within 48-72 hours.

Many families may want to have one last time to visit their pet after death.  While this may seem like a trivial thing – or possibly something that you may never have considered; this final time with your pet is valuable to many pet parents and families in helping  them in their journey of healing. The final visit allows you to see your pet at peace. If you have children, it allows them to pay tribute by bringing in items that are special to your pet.  The final visit can benefit you in the grief journey by allowing you to say goodbye.

We understand how important receiving your pet, and only your pet’s ashes are to you, and we feel the same way.  That’s why we only offer private cremations, meaning no other pet or human is in the cremation unit during the process.  We utilize a unique metal tag identifier for each pet that follows them through the aftercare process to ensure only their cremains are returned to you.

As members of the Pet Loss Professionals Association we embrace and comply with the Standards and Ethics of this organization. You can read more about PLPA here.

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