Pet Loss Support Group:
Grieving Paws

Pet Loss Support Group: Grieving Paws

When our pet dies, we can feel the same emotions that come with the death of any loved one. Feelings such as sadness, loss, confusion, anger and complete upset of life are normal grief responses. Some people understand the impact of losing a pet … and some people may minimize the loss.

Hansen’s is pleased to offer you an opportunity to come together with others of like mind to remember and share that love. This is an open group for sharing, discussion and getting tools to help process and honor the big feelings that go with the death of a beloved animal friend. It is offered free to the public.

Pre-Register with Dr. Sandi at 480-502-2123 or email her at

Dr. Sandi Howlett is a Grief Specialist and has worked with Hansen Mortuaries for over 12 years. She has both extensive experience and expertise in loss, grief and healing work.

Check our blog page for grief and healing resources.